Thanks to All

From 2005 until 2012 this web site made it possible for our sports photos to be seen by the widest possible audience. It was created as a spin-off from Townsley Associates Ltd (hence the TA bit). But time marches on and the company has now been closed. I have retired from pro photo assignments and just take photos for fun..

Now the original web galleries have all been archived. All the images remain available for making personal souvenirs. This does incur some on-going costs but at present this website - - will continue even though our backup at is now closed. From 2013 onwards limited numbers of new photos have been loaded on Flickr.

All the print ordering and payment handling was provided by the independent photo-lab; PhotoBox. But in 2016 they decided to close their pro-gallery service so the TAimages gallery has now gone. Instead anyone wanting a photo can order prints or downloads via Paypal.

Thanks to everyone for their support
Brian Townsley



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